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Butler vs. Intel

January 19, 2006

Here's a little note for all those who are waiting for a "universal" Butler that will run natively on both Intel- and PowerPC-based macs:

Up to now, Butler has used nested functions quite extensively. While I still think that these are one of the most elegant instruments in programming, they are no longer supported by the compiler that's required for creating universal binaries. Rewriting these portions of Butler will take some more time. If you happen to have access to an Intel-based mac, please try running Butler on it (via Rosetta) and let me know if it works.

The final Butler 4.0 will remain PowerPC-only. Expect a beta version of Butler 4.1 during the next few weeks. The latter will run natively on Intel macs, but it will require Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later — as opposed to Butler 4.0, which is supposed to run on OS X versions as early as 10.2.8.

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