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I used to publish software updates here, but those days are long gone, so this place is effectively on hiatus.

These are just two reasons why I'll never regret having sold the original Textpander to SmileOnMyMac: Firstly, they have really been adding value to the product. And secondly, they chose to improve their product in order to make you even more productive — free of charge for anyone who donated for Textpander or bought its successor, TextExpander.

And that's very similar to my own approach to creating software: We're not just in this to make money. We want to create something that makes you smile. And whenever we're successful in doing that, economical success will come naturally.

Here are some of the new features in TextExpander 2:

  • Snippet groups
  • Add snippet groups from external files and external URLs (including password-protected URLs with Keychain support)
  • Synchronize snippet groups using .Mac synchronization
  • Print snippets
  • Hotkeys to enable/disable and to create snippets from selection or clipboard
  • Enable or disable groups on a per-application basis
  • AppleScript snippets, which expand to the result of the script
  • Update snippet groups from URLs and external files at regular intervals
Get it while it's hot.

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