About This Blog

I used to publish software updates here, but those days are long gone. Any other ramblings usually end up on Twitter, so this place is effectively on hiatus.

You might be interested in this little piece of information. But if you don't feel like clicking a link right now, here's the gist:

[Many Tricks is] a new project where Peter Maurer, of Butler/Textpander/Witch fame, and Alexander Schön, an aspiring new developer, join forces to provide you with even better Mac software. Here's more information about us.

All of the previously available applications will be moved to our new server within the next few days. And don't worry — there won't be any sudden license changes. We'll try to make this transition as smooth as possible.

To celebrate our new home, we proudly present yFlicks, which is what Clip Show, a video player beta that was previously available from this very site, has evolved into.

On a side note, yFlicks will of course be free for those who have donated for the original Clip Show before yFlicks was announced.

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