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I used to publish software updates here, but those days are long gone, so this place is effectively on hiatus.

Now that SmileOnMyMac has released TextExpander 1.3, we're getting comfortably positive feedback overall. Thank you very much!

Some users, however, seem to feel the need to complain. Here's my favorite comment from TUAW (emphasis is mine):

I have to say that $30 for this application is over-the-top ridiculous, especially considering that it was free prior to SmileOnMyMac's purchase of it (…) Peter Maurer, the developer of the original Textpander, should feel at least a little remorse after this move.

Obviously, Patrick hadn't donated for Textpander, because otherwise, he would have received a free TextExpander license.

This is my reply from the same comments thread:

You're mistaking "donationware" for "free", and now you're trying to make me feel bad? You must be kidding me. In fact, you're the archetypical example for the sad fact that donationware doesn't work.

Let me make this perfectly clear: I love distributing stuff as donationware, because it gives users the possibility to pay as much as they can afford. But I'm really growing tired of cheapskates like Patrick.

I bet he's doing honorary charity work all day.

Update: Patrick Haney is an expensiveskate ;-)

Is there any better way of saying that we have ironed this issue out?

Patrick has personally apologized for what he wrote. In fact, he just didn't quite manage to write what he meant to write. Because what he meant to write was simply that, in his opinion, the new TextExpander might be too expensive; and he is even reconsidering that now.

Likewise, TUAW's David Chartier has personally apologized for having written a slightly off-base original posting that might have sparked comments such as Patrick's. He has since edited that posting. I appreciate that.

Lastly, on a side note, I was positively stunned by the support I got regarding this issue — see Expat Leo's Blogroll, Hawk Wings (read the comments!), and Michael McCracken's Blog, for instance. Thank you all!

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